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“Parrots are our passion!

bird feed Dallas, TX If you're in need of bird feed or other bird supplies, be sure to come to Kookaburra Bird Shop. Our bird supply store has everything that your bird needs! Make us your one-stop bird supply store for bird feed and bird training in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX area. Visit our online shop now at www.kookshopdfw.com to see our huge inventory of bird supplies!

Kookaburra Bird Shop is your No. 1 retail bird shop in the Dallas & Fort Worth, TX Metroplex, providing a full range of bird training, feeders and bird feed, parrots for pets, African Greys for sale, as well as dog and cat boarding.

Offering bird training services and more!

Kookaburra "Parrots are our passion" is not just a slogan at Kookaburra Bird Shop.  It is their philosophy, and their belief in it is evidenced by the care they give their feathered friends, as well as their customers and bird owners.

“This place is parrot heaven!  They even have parrot play days where people can bring their parrots to interact with each other.”
–Lori Corell Grassman

Bird training can contribute to your bird’s overall happiness!

Enhancing your bird's happiness is of upmost importance to Kookaburra Bird Shop. We have a 100% success rate at diet conversions which can help to insure your bird has a longer happier healthier life.

bird supply store Dallas, TX Happy birds and happy humans can live long lives together so it has always been their goal to help people with any of their birds’ needs.

Parrots can live for a long time and sometimes the bird/human relationship needs some professional help.

Our Avian Behaviorists have more than 30 years’ of bird training experience and have helped people with just about every behavior issue that can develop between bird and caregiver. 

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Bird training is not one stop shopping.  Each situation is different. 

They offer “trick training” as well as behavior modification for "unruly" birds based on positive reinforcement techniques and the belief that there are no bad birds. 

“I'm still recommending Kookaburra!  My wife and I have been taking our cockatiel here every time we need to board him, there is really no other place like it for your bird.  He loves it there!  I highly recommend them!”
–Matthew K.

You will be amazed at how are bird training services can help improve or strengthen your relationship with your bird.

Get the right bird feed from the leading bird supply store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

LP3 Kookaburra Bird Shop’s inventory of the top names in bird food and other bird supplies is always changing to keep pace with their customers’ and their customers’ birds’ demands.

 “I visit the store regularly to purchase food, toys and treats for my Macaw and Senegal.  The store is always very clean and the Birds all look like they are enjoying themselves and are very well cared for.  The staff is friendly and very helpful and have helped me take better care of my birds with lots of advice and helped me convert my birds on to a better diet.  I would encourage any one who has a bird to pay them a visit.”
–Jason Bell

New bird feed and bird supplies like parrot toys, bird cages, birds, treats and everything bird related can be found in the shop. 

And if they don’t have want you want, let them know and they will order it for you.

Make Kookaburra Bird Shop your one-stop bird supply store for bird feed and bird training in the Dallas, TX & Fort Worth, TX MetroPlex.


Kookaburra Bird Shop


1845 E. Frankford Rd.
CarrolltonTX 75007
(469) 240-2307

Visit our online shop now at www.kookshopdfw.com
to see
our huge inventory of bird supplies!

Products & Services

Bird Boarding-

 Having a safe, clean place for your bird to stay while you are out of town can be a concern.  Kookaburra Bird Shop has a central location to find from many parts of North Texas. 

Diet Conversions-

A healthy diet for you bird is extremely important and vetrinarian recommended. We specialize in insuring that your feathered friend is eating the right food to have your little family member life a long heathly happy life.  Click here to learn more!!

Bird Trimming- 

Trimming keeps your birds safe.  Nails to long can get caught in the cage and cause an expensive vet visit.  Having a free flying bird is always a risk.  If you choose to have your bird free flying, we have pointers that can ensure that your parrot stays as safe as possible.  A modified trim may be what you are looking for.  Different species of birds should have different wing trims, we customize each trim to each situation. Over grown beaks can keep your bird from eating.  We trim your bird quickly and with the least amount of stress humanly possible.

Bird Training-
Our Avian Behaviorists have over 30 years of experience and have helped people with just about every behavior issue that can

develop between bird and caregiver.  We have several packages that can fit just about any budget.

Cat Boarding-
Our cat condos can are roomy enough with landings for one or two cats from the same household.  We have extremely limited availability for your feline friend and reservations are required.  Rooms rent for $25 per day.  You are more than welcome to come in a visit before your feline visits us.

Dog Boarding-
All our canine visitors are walked three times a day and allowed to play outside their room either with a group of friends or by themselves - depending on personality.

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